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Author | Ebar's chief fan, blue whale mouth

作者| Ebar的首席粉丝,蓝鲸嘴

The timeline was adjusted back to 1976. At that time, Yuichi Shimaki, a student in the Department of Sociology at Tokyo Metropolitan University, had a whim. When he planned to go overseas to play football, he would never realize that he would start a wonderful fate. In addition to being a college student, he also has an identity as an amateur football player. Of course, Japanese football back then was amateur, and professionalism would not appear until more than ten years later.

时间轴已调整为1976年。当时,东京都市大学社会学系的学生Yuichi Shimaki对此心血来潮。当他计划出国踢足球时,他永远也不会意识到自己会开始一段美好的命运。除了是一名大学生以外,他还具有业余足球运动员的身份。当然,当时的日本足球是业余的,职业精神要到十年后才会出现。

The team that Shimanan played for was the Yomiuri club (now called Tokyo Verdy) in the second-tier league in Japan, and he was a particularly active player in the team. Shimano wants to see where his level and limits are, so Europe is undoubtedly his best touchstone. It happened that he had an acquaintance who worked as a karate coach in Neguri (Basque for Syracuse) in the Basque Country, so Shimanuki asked this acquaintance to help contact him if there was a local team that could accept him. Coincidentally, this acquaintance had a very good relationship with the Barakaldo team, and it became the case. Barakaldo was in Spain's third-level league at the time. Shimankan played 2-3 warm-up matches on behalf of the team in a black and white striped shirt, and finally realized that he could not stand in the team. To know that this season Barakaldo finally completed the feat of promotion to the second division, the island's teammates can be said to be the elite of the third level league.

Shimanan效力的球队是日本二线联盟的Yomiuri俱乐部(现称为Tokyo Verdy),他是该团队中特别活跃的球员。 Shimano希望了解自己的水平和极限,所以欧洲无疑是他最好的试金石。碰巧他有一个熟人,他曾在巴斯克地区的Neguri(锡拉丘兹的巴斯克人)担任空手道教练,所以Shimanuki要求这位熟人帮助他与当地人联系,以了解是否有当地团队可以接受他。碰巧的是,这个熟人与巴拉卡多队有着很好的关系,事实就是如此。巴拉卡多当时在西班牙的三级联赛中。 Shimankan穿着黑色和白色条纹衬衫代表球队参加了2-3场热身赛,最终意识到他无法忍受球队。要知道巴拉卡多这个赛季终于完成了晋级到第二师的壮举,该岛的队友可以说是三级联赛的精英。

In the history of Japanese football, it is almost difficult to find traces of Shimanuku, but the Basques have not forgotten this little man from the East. Just want Basque to wait for the next Japanese player. The time has come to the summer of 2015. This time the person who came is called Gan Guishi. After years of hard work, Gan Guishi has become a well-deserved darling of the Basque town of Ebar. So far, Gan Guishi is still the Japanese player with the most appearances and the most goals in La Liga. Even when the King of Spain visited Japan, the Gan Guishi deliberately missed the game and returned to China as a representative of cultural and sports exchanges between Japan and Spain to participate in foreign affairs reception activities.


It’s just that no one thought that Evar welcomed another Japanese player, Yoshiki Muto.

只是没有人想到Evar欢迎另一位日本选手Muto Yoshiki。

Yoshiki Muto was born in 1992 and serves as a striker. He is 179 in height and 72 kg in weight. Muto grew up in Tokyo and has been playing football since kindergarten. He has been a member of the Tokyo FC Youth Training until 2010. At the age of 18, he entered Keio University, a top private university in Japan, studied economics, and represented the Keio University team in college football matches. Although he missed some games due to injury in his first season in the college league, he was still named Rookie of the Year. By the way, although Keio University is a school that only the children of wealthy families can attend, Muto's grades have always been very good. It is said that none of his grades in middle school was lower than A. Of course, the rumors of the wealthy son are not hype. Muto Yoshiki’s family business has always been well-established under the care of his grandfather. He studied in the economics department is also the result of his grandfather’s support. Among them, there are also arrangements for the family to work inside.

武藤佳树(Yoshiki Muto)生于1992年,担任前锋。他身高179公斤,体重72公斤。武藤在东京长大,从幼儿园开始就踢足球。直到2010年为止,他一直是东京足球青年训练的成员。18岁时,他进入了日本顶级私立大学庆应义University大学,学习经济学,并代表庆应义University大学队参加了大学橄榄球比赛。尽管他在大学联赛的第一个赛季就因受伤缺阵了一些比赛,但他仍被评为年度最佳新秀。顺便说一下,尽管庆应义University大学是一所只有富裕家庭的孩子才能上的学校,但武藤的成绩一直很好。据说他的中学成绩都不比A低。当然,有钱儿子的谣言不是吹牛。武藤佳树(Muto Yoshiki)的家族生意在他祖父的照顾下一向稳固。他在经济学系学习也是祖父的支持的结果。其中,还安排了家庭在内部工作。

Compared with his predecessor Shimanuki, Muto is undoubtedly very happy. Due to his outstanding performance in college, Muto seems to be easy to enter the professional football world. However, there are only ten specially designated players in the J League a year, and they can enter the professional league in a draft-like manner. And if Muto was not going to college, he could have been signed by a professional team in high school, but in the conflict between family interests and professional football, Muto Yoshiki achieved a win-win situation, and he attended Keio University. In the end, he also won the special designation of Tokyo FC.


In 2014, Muto officially signed a professional contract with the team. Under the reuse of coach Ficcadenti, he scored 13 goals in 33 appearances, tying the rookie's single-season scoring record, only 2 goals less than the top Yoshito Okubo, and also a shooter. The youngest among the top five, he deserves to be selected to the J League Team of the Season.

2014年,武藤与车队正式签订了专业合同。在教练菲卡迪蒂(Ficcadenti)的重用下,他33次出场打进13球,追平了新秀的单赛季得分纪录,仅比顶级小久保佳夫(Yoshito Okubo)少了2个进球,并且是一名射手。他是前五名中最年轻的,当之无愧地入选本赛季J联赛球队。

In 2015, the Premier League giant Chelsea reported that it was interested in Yoshiki Muto. The BBC also confirmed the relevant report. Chelsea is said to have given him an annual salary of up to 3 million euros, which is undoubtedly exciting compared to the annual salary of 240,000 euros provided by Tokyo FC to Muto. But Muto, who just graduated from the Department of Economics in the same year, calmly analyzed the situation at the time. Japan Yokohama Tire has become a sponsor of Chelsea since 2015. Behind this generous offer, the shadow of the Japanese sponsor cannot be ignored. If you choose Chelsea, how many chances do you have to make an appearance in the Premier League? In the end, Yoshiki Muto chose to join the Bundesliga Mainz team and began to land in Europe.

2015年,英超联赛巨头切尔西报道说,它对武藤佳树很感兴趣。英国广播公司还确认了相关报告。据说切尔西给了他高达300万欧元的年薪,与东京FC向武藤提供的24万欧元的年薪相比,这无疑是令人兴奋的。但是,当年刚从经济学系毕业的武藤,冷静地分析了当时的情况。日本横滨轮胎从2015年开始成为切尔西的赞助商。在这项慷慨的报价背后,日本赞助商的影子不容忽视。如果您选择切尔西,您有多少次出现在英超联赛中?最后,武藤佳树(Yoshiki Muto)选择加入德甲美因茨队,并开始登陆欧洲。

Muto Yoshiki’s choice is undoubtedly correct. Mainz has basically secured the Bundesliga through the training of the two coaches of Klopp and Tuchel. The position of the midstream allows the team to neither precarious nor blindly pursue big names. , Squeezed to their own playing opportunities. It can be said that Mainz is where Muto Yoshiki's career took off. The performance of the three seasons is very stable, and there are even highlights of hat tricks.

武藤佳树的选择无疑是正确的。美因茨通过培训克洛普和图切尔的两位教练,基本上确保了德甲联赛的安全。中游的位置使团队既不会pre可危也不会盲目追求大牌。 ,挤给自己玩的机会。可以说,美因茨是武藤佳树事业的发源地。三个赛季的表现非常稳定,甚至还有帽子戏法的亮点。

With his excellent performance in the Bundesliga, the Premier League Newcastle team also extended an olive branch to him. After obtaining the labor permit, Newcastle paid Mutoh a transfer fee of more than 10 million euros. It's just that the hope is not fulfilled. Muto can be said to be very disappointed in the Premier League. Apart from scoring a goal at Manchester United, there is no performance worth mentioning. As a legacy of the Benitez era, it has no outstanding performance and is naturally not tolerated by Newcastle.


After Newcastle coach Bruce publicly stated that Muto was not in his plan, many German teams waited for opportunities. However, it was the La Liga Evar team that eventually took away the Japanese star. According to the Marca newspaper, three people played a key role in this transfer. Eibar’s assistant Bea has played in Austria and has always been concerned about the German-speaking Bundesliga; Gan Guishi is a comrade of Muto Yoshiki's national team, and the two played together in the 2018 World Cup. Gan Guishi’s appearance is introduced to Muto Eval and coach Mendi Liba; De Blassi, who just left the team this summer, played with Muto in Mainz, and his opinions also affected the decision of the scout team. Of course, Muto himself wants to try a different football experience, and his unwillingness to return to Germany is also very important.

在纽卡斯尔教练布鲁斯公开声明武藤不在他的计划之后,许多德国车队都在等待机会。然而,正是西甲埃瓦尔队最终夺走了这位日本球星。根据《马卡(Marca)报》,三人在这一转移中发挥了关键作用。 Eibar的助手Bea曾在奥地利演出,并且一直对德语为德甲联赛感到担忧。甘桂石是武藤佳树国家队的同志,两人在2018年世界杯上一起踢球。甘桂石的出现被介绍给Muto Eval和教练Mendi Liba;今年夏天刚刚离开球队的De Blassi在美因茨与Muto一起比赛,他的见解也影响了球探团队的决定。当然,武藤本人想尝试不同的足球经历,他不愿返回德国也很重要。

Ebar’s current desire for strikers is unquestionable. After Shalus left the team, the team has not had a reliable striker killer, and Kike Gonzalez is said to be very likely to leave the team this summer, relying only on Enrique and Kike. -Garcia, Ebar cannot be relegated. But is Muto the answer that Evar needs? My personal opinion is that it is not yet.

埃巴目前对射手的渴望是毋庸置疑的。 Shalus离开球队后,球队还没有一个可靠的前锋杀手,据说Kike Gonzalez很可能在今年夏天离开球队,仅依靠Enrique和Kike。 -加西亚(Garcia),埃巴尔(Ebar)无法降级。但是Muto​​是Evar需要的答案吗?我个人认为还没有。

Muto’s physical condition is not dominant among his Asian counterparts. His advantage lies in speed, passing and running positions, but he creates opportunities on his own and has limited ability to open space. Instead, he needs a lot of running from his teammates to create shots for himself. Space and opportunity, and this is not what Evar is good at. Emphasizing high-position press, quick push and counterattack, two wing ball, the first and second players to complete the outflanking goal, this style of play may be closer to the Premier League that Muto is not comfortable with. At present, Muto can only rely on the tacit understanding with the master and his own golf quotient.


Mendiliba, a relatively old-school coach, doesn't like young people or players who cannot communicate. The foreign language ability of Japanese players and even Japanese people has always been criticized and even made fun of. It is said that Muto has been in the UK for two years and he still does not know English well. Compared with Conziol, who just came to Ebar and asked his Spanish teacher to teach. Which attitude is more beneficial? The answer is obvious. In addition to playing style and language, mentality is also very important. Newcastle originally intended to sell Muto this summer, but the asking price of 14 million is unaffordable by Ebar. Even if Muto performs at the king level this year, there is a high probability that he will not be able to stay on the team next year, so how to deal with training and key relegation Six points? When you loosen your mind, the action of your feet may be deformed.


The arrival of Muto has made Evar the unprecedented team with Japanese double stars in the history of La Liga. Gan Guishi has already conquered the fans, and Toshiro Muto’s appearance makes him more qualified as a kanban star. From the development of the Asian market and the promotion of Japanese manufacturers, Evar has an advantage that most La Liga teams cannot obtain. . The road is there, you can see the club if you don't walk. Of course, Muto has only a one-year lease and there is a high probability that he will not be able to buy it out. At this stage, the league has begun and core business resources have been sold. The club's business development space is already very limited.

Muto的到来使Evar成为西甲历史上拥有日本双星的空前球队。甘桂石已经征服了歌迷,而武藤寿郎的出现使他更加有资格成为看板明星。从亚洲市场的发展和日本制造商的促进,Evar拥有西甲大多数车队无法获得的优势。 。马路在那儿,如果你不走的话,你可以看到俱乐部。当然,武藤只有一年的租约,很有可能他无法买断。在这个阶段,联盟已经开始,核心业务资源已经出售。俱乐部的业务发展空间已经非常有限。

Muto’s current conditions are beyond what Shimanaki had imagined back then. Shimanaki is now committed to the exchanges between Japan and Basque football. Under his guidance, many Japanese professionals and school teams have the opportunity to visit and compete in Basque. , He also helped some young Japanese players to train and compete in the Royal Sociedad. The Japan Basque Friendship Association, founded by Shimaki, currently has more than 40 members, all of whom are Japanese interested in Basque. If Yoshiki Muto can play a high-profile performance in Ebar, perhaps in the future, many Japanese fans will actively join the Shimanuki Association.

武藤市目前的状况超出了Shimanaki当时的想象。 Shimanaki现在致力于日本和巴斯克足球之间的交流。在他的指导下,许多日本专业人士和学校团队都有机会参观巴斯克并参加比赛。 ,他还帮助一些年轻的日本选手训练和参加皇家社会队。由Shimaki成立的日本巴斯克友好协会目前有40多个成员,所有成员都是日本人对巴斯克感兴趣。如果武藤佳树(Yoshiki Muto)能够在Ebar上大放异彩,也许将来,许多日本粉丝将积极加入Shimanuki协会。

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