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亚愽手机app官方网站_中超印象之保级:一切归零!无捷径可走 靠实力or经验?
名称:亚愽手机app官方网站_中超印象之保级:一切归零!无捷径可走 靠实力or经验?

The results of the first stage of the Super League, to be precise, are the rankings. What determines the second stage of the match, the first round of the relegation group, there is almost no so-called strong or weak team, which also means that everything is zero. In the first stage, TEDA, who has not won 1 game, only needs to rely on 2 draws + a penalty shootout in the extreme case of the second stage to be relegated early. Since it is a knockout system, there is no shortcut to relegation. It will rely on hard power, so-called experience, and the coach's on-the-spot scheduling, as well as the players' on-the-spot performance.


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Relegation! Start from scratch


The results of the first stage of the Chinese Super League will not be brought into the second stage, which means that the relegation group will start from the beginning. Compared with the championship team, Chongqing and China's two teams have no desires, either broke out or became the target of their opponents, the relegation team is more suspenseful, and there is not much difference in strength, even for the A team. The No. 5 deep football team played against the No. 8 TEda in Group B, and it was difficult for the deep football team to have too much advantage in the lineup.


After the new season's competition system is determined, people in the industry ridiculed that the teams that won 14 rounds in the first stage do not need to worry too much. As long as they play 2 games in the second stage, they can successfully land. In the past normal seasons, there has also been a myth that Yatai started 13 rounds without winning and finally "resurrected", but such a thing is a small probability. However, under special circumstances this season, the first stage suffered a 7-game losing streak, an 8-game losing streak, and even It’s not a problem if you don’t win in 14 rounds. After the 3-week interval is adjusted, you can fully resurrect with full blood.


TEDA is that special team. In the competition of the relegation group, TEDA drew two rounds with the Shenzhen Football Club in extreme circumstances. Relying on the penalty shootout, there will even be a scene where the regular time of the season is not won but can be relegated. Yatai is even more magical.


With the end of the first phase, everything will be zero and everything will be brand new. And this season's relegation, there is no so-called "relegation alliance", all rely on their own hard power, this is also the main reason why relegation teams have recruited troops in the third transfer of the Super League and exchanged foreign aid.


There is no shortcut, everything depends on yourself


In previous seasons, there were always some moths at the end of the season, and the media frequently broke out "shadows", and even the paper media used black text on a white background to shout for the environment of Chinese football, calling all parties to pay attention to some tacit goals in relegation. But such appeals ended up without a disease. The Football Association can't get the key real-hammer evidence, and in the end everything can only be left out, of course, except for the counterfeit black whistles that were dug out in the anti-gambling sweep.


Fans familiar with the league know that Liaoning Football, Yatai and TEDA were once known as the "relegation iron triangle". The Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup arena where the two teams meet and can play completely different on two different fronts. Two kinds of football, this is the so-called network. Mid-lower teams often use local coaches to replace foreign coaches at the end of the season, especially when relegation has not yet landed. This is because of the connections behind the local coaches.


However, the elimination system of the special season has completely lost the "market" for people. The 4 teams that passed the first round of the relegation group will go to the 9-12 qualifying match, and all the losing teams will play the 13-16 qualifying match, and the 9-12 ranked 4 balls will be played. Although the team has no desires and desires, it has been unable to determine the outcome and situation between the 13-16. Yatai and Zhongneng made a bloody fight for staying in the Super League. In the last round, Guoan defeated Zhongneng and sent their opponents downgraded while "retaining" Yatai's quota in the Super League. Jilin media also wrote an article to express "thank you", but this year The situation will never happen, whether it is the championship group or the relegation group.


Whether it's the first round, the second round of the 13-16 contest, and the final battle of 15-16, there are 3 opportunities to land before the relegation team, but these 3 opportunities are all on their own. , Can’t pin a trace of hope on any "friendly army." No matter how harmonious the off-court relationship between the opposing teams is, as long as they meet this season, they will be bayonet hits, except for the tasteless battles that appear in qualifying, rather than life and death battles involving relegation.

无论是13-16比赛的第一轮,第二轮,还是15-16的最后一战,保级队都有3个机会降落,但是这3个机会完全靠自己。 ,对任何“友军”都无法寄予希望。无论对方球队在场外关系有多融洽,只要他们在本赛季见面,他们都是刺刀,除了排位赛中出现的无味的战斗,而不是降级的生死战。

Relies on strength or experience to relegation? 8 teams rush to strengthen

依靠实力还是经验来保级? 8支队伍急于加强

Everything goes back to zero. There is no shortcut. The first thing to fight for relegation is hard power. This is also the key reason for the eight relegation teams to strengthen. Since the third transfer window of the Super League in September opened, it is basically certain to enter the relegation group. The team quickly added the whip for signings. TEDA’s two new foreign aids, Lima and Ahmedov, have represented the team in multiple rounds of competitions, such as Praliganji of Shenzuo, "Shuangqi" of Huang Hai, Martins of Zall and Xuesheng Dong. , Have already appeared on behalf of the new club. R&F, Dalian native, Jianye, Yongchang, or supplemented and adjusted in foreign aid or domestic aid.

一切都归零。没有捷径。为保级而战的第一件事就是硬实力。这也是八个保级队伍加强的主要原因。自9月中超联赛的第三个转会窗口打开以来,基本上可以肯定的是将进入降级小组。团队迅速添加了用于签名的鞭子。泰达的两个新外援利马和艾哈迈多夫代表车队参加了多轮比赛,例如申左的普拉利甘吉,黄海的“双旗”,扎尔的马丁斯和董学胜。 ,已经代表新俱乐部出现了。富力,大连本地人,建业,永昌,或在国外援助或国内援助中进行补充和调整。

There are signing moves, which proves that the hearts of the teams are still very clear. The first element of relegation is their own strength. For the 8 teams in the relegation group, except for the configuration of the deep foot which is slightly higher than the opponents, the remaining 7 teams are half a cat. , The two fight against each other who can be better, fighting is the player's fighting spirit, the coach's strategizing, intermittent preparation, and the understanding of the opponent's situation. Of course, after 14 rounds of the first stage, the situation of each team is basically a clear card. There are not many secrets at all. The biggest variable is to play on the spot.

有签名动作,证明团队的心态仍然非常清晰。保级的第一个要素是自身的实力。对于降级亚愽手机app官方网站组中的8支球队,除了深脚的配置略高于对手外,其余7支球队为半只猫。 ,两个互相对抗的人可以变得更好,战斗是球员的战斗精神,教练的战略制定,间歇性的准备以及对对手情况的了解。当然,在第一阶段经过14轮比赛之后,每支球队的情况基本上是显而易见的。根本没有多少秘密。最大的变数是当场比赛。

The so-called relegation experience is likely to play a smaller role. The former Dalian Yifang (now Dalian native) executives told the media after the end of the 2018 season that the then Dalian coach Schuster Without "experience", at the critical moment of relegation, I don't know which matches should be "give up" directly, and which matches should win 3 points. In fact, this is the relegation experience, directly "give up" against the strong team, and save all energy in the competition with the relegation competitors, because such a game wins not only 3 points, but often 6 points. Battle.


Relegation experience is more of illusory things. To put it bluntly, it is more of off-court factors, and even offers winning bonuses for the warring parties in other games to encourage undesirable teams to smash their relegation competitors. . However, in cross-elimination matches, such off-court factors do not exist at all. Only stumbling is the only way to relegation. Perhaps the only off-court factor is the referee. After all, there are too many controversies caused by the referee's penalty in the Super League this season. Too much, whether it is a championship or relegation, a penalty can tilt the balance, which is also something the Football Association needs to consider.

降级经历更多是虚幻的事情。坦率地说,这更多是出于场外因素,甚至在其他游戏中为交战方提供获胜奖金,以鼓励不良球队击败他们的降级竞争对手。 。但是,在交叉淘汰赛中,根本没有这样的场外因素。只有跌跌撞撞才是降级的唯一方法。也许唯一的场外因素是裁判。毕亚愽手机app官方网站竟,本赛季中超联赛中裁判的处罚引起了太多争议。太多,无论是总冠军还是降级,罚款都会使平衡失衡,这也是足协需要考虑的事情。

In short, this season's relegation battle is a 1v1 duel. The winner has no worries, and the loser greets another round of two rounds of life and death. The success or failure of the relegation is just a detail in the 180 minutes of the two rounds.




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